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This is a series of junior novels for kids aged 8-12. They are all about kids – boys and girls – who suddenly find themselves in the middle of big time adventures!
Kids love reading about adventures.
They like to have a few adventures themselves, too – as long as they are not TOO scary!
(Of course some kids like really scary adventures!)
The kids in this series didn’t go looking for adventure. It’s more like their adventure were looking for them!
First up, there’s Cat Burglar!

Cat Burglar by Alan Trussell-Cullen cover

Steve Tomkins wasn’t crazy about having his cousin, Gail, come to stay – especially during the holidays when he had hoped to be doing exciting things with his friends. Gail was a country kid. What did she know about all the fun things you could do in the city? Too bad about her Mom being sick and in hospital. But what would his best friend Tony and all his other mates think about him having to hang out with this boring girl from the country?
Little did Steve know that he and Gail would suddenly find themselves in the middle of one of the most exciting adventures in their entire lives!
(So far, anyway!)
It would be an adventure that would include chasing cat burglars, escaping from murderers, clinging to the outside of a city building four stories up, an emergency helicopter rescue, and even a hot spot on the TV news!
So how did all this happen…?
(You’ll have to read the book to find out. It’s only a couple of weeks away…)

(Coming Soon!)

Hi. I’m Tony and this is a story about me and my big sister Zoe. Zoe says she’s going to be a detective. And not just an ordinary detective! No, in her words, she’s going to be “The best detective in the world! A Super Snooper!” (My sister never lets modesty hold her back!) She keeps doing super snooper stuff like detectives do in detective stories and TV cop shows. Most of the time she’s an absolute pain! But when this mysterious man moved in to the run down house next door to ours, she went into snooper overdrive! And to make matters worse, she dragged me into her investigations, too! Man! Did we get into a lot of trouble! Fighting off ferocious man-eating (and kid-eating) dogs! Midnight comings and goings! Smelly garbage to sort through! Was there really something weird going on here?
You’d better read the story to find out for yourself.

(Coming Soon!)

It all started when Mom and Dad suddenly had to go to this conference in Chicago. It was a business trip. They own their own art gallery in town and they travel round the country buying paintings and art stuff to sell in their gallery. Of course my sister and I had stay at home and go to school.
“Don’t worry,” Mom said. “You and Angie will be fine here. We’ve hired a wonderful woman from the Crazy Kids Babysitting Agency to live in and look after you. Her name is Mrs. Doople. Mrs. Suzy Doople. The agency says she’s marvelous with children!”
“You’ll probably have more fun than us!” said Dad.
Yea, right! (Like: not!)
Mrs. Doople arrived the next day. She was an enormous woman with enormous arms, an enormous smile, and two enormous suitcases. She beamed at Angie and me and declared: “What lovely children!”
Then she opened her arms wide. “Come and give me a big hug!” she said.
She looked like a wrestler looking for someone to put in a neck-crushing headlock!
Angie just folded her arms and glared. “I don’t think so!” she muttered.
But I was too close to escape. Talk about being squeezed by a hungry python!
You think that sounds bad? Wait till I tell you what happened next..!

(Coming Soon!)

Everyone said old man Peterson had gone a bit funny in the head. His farm was next to ours – not that you ever saw him doing any farming. His fences were falling down and the few sheep that he had were always getting out.
He had an apple orchard but the trees were all overgrown and running wild. He never seemed to pick any of his apples. Sometimes Jake and Mandy and me – (I’m Gail, by the way) – we used to sneak into his apple orchard and pick some when they were good and ripe. And sometimes old man Peterson’s dog would start barking and then we’d run off as fast as we could. I guess you could say we were mighty curious about the old man – and a bit scared.
We never thought all this could turn into a big adventure, but then even stranger things started to happen.
Of course people in our little town had other things on their minds at that time, too. It was coming up to the annual go-kart festival. It’s what puts our town on the map. People come from all over the country.
And then, one night Jake and Mandy and I had our own breakthrough! It was scary and a bit sad, too. Look, you’d better read the whole story. You won’t believe it otherwise…


We have a Poetry Series revving up and just about ready to go! It’s going to be quite unlike anything out there! Readers will hear straight from the poet and the series will also exploit the exciting possibilities of electronic publishing.

Meanwhile, there’s a highly entertaining (some would say even cheeky) nonfiction series (or in USA “Common Core”-speak:  informational text series) waiting in the wings. That is going to come on stream about the same time as the Adventure Kids series. Like soon!

And after that, it will be time to meet the extraordinary and sensational (even if she does say it herself) Milly Brown! We don’t want to tell you too much, but a word of warning – history is never going to be the same again!)

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