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Welcome to our Head Office!

Learaning Connections Head Office

(Yes, this is it on a fine day! Great place for thinking and day-dreaming and coming up with great new ideas!)

But first, a little Learning Connections history!

It all started with the 99 rule!
Advertisers like to fool us into thinking something is cheap when the price ends in 99.
$19.99 is supposed to sound so much better than $20!

And that new car at the special, discount, heavily reduced, bargain, super low price of $39,999 is a steal when the usual price is a whopping $40,000!

The same “99” rule applies when it comes to the date. Back in the year 1999, everyone seemed to get really excited about the prospect of a new century. The talk was all about:
New departures!
New challenges!
Time for new century innovation, change, getting out with pioneering spirit to do something REALLY NEW!

Of course it was all rather corny and self-delusionary. But in fact, that’s exactly what Manon and I felt and thought back in 1999! Let’s try something different! Something new! Something exciting!
So we did.
We formed our own little company. We called it Learning Connections Company Limited to be precise. We wanted to do something to help teachers (and kids) have an exciting, creative, innovative, life-changing experience!

When you start something with a musician (Manon) and a writer (Alan) you are going to get something different!

Learning Connections was that “something different”!
First we began by running New Zealand study tours for teachers from the USA .
It sounded like a good idea! I had been training and working with New Zealand teachers at the Auckland College of Eduction (Head of the Department of English and Language Education , etc) for decades. What was this like? Sometimes like this…

Alan Working with Student Teachers

Alan and colleague Anne Todd working with student teachers at Auckland College of Education











(Ah – working?)
Also, Manon and I had also been traveling regularly to the USA and other parts of the world to present at conferences, to share my children’s books with readers, and to work with teachers in their classrooms. Teachers kept telling us they’d always had this dream of traveling to New Zealand to see what it was really like in a New Zealand classroom.

So we set about helping their dreams come true. We began hosting groups of US teachers and had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know and working with all these amazing and enthusiastic USA teachers who wanted to try something different. Then teachers from other parts of the world began to join the study tours, like teachers from South America, and Asian countries and the Middle East and Sweden!

Lots of fun!
Lots of WORK!
So what did we do? We decided to do even more!

We moved on from hosting study tours to organizing teaching experiences for student teachers from a number of American universities.  At the same time my books for children and teachers were taking off around the world.
We were traveling to the USA several times a year to meet with teachers and present at conferences.

We were very BUSY!

So busy that I was finding it hard to get enough time to write! The business experts tell us no successful company stays the same forever. Companies, like people, change as they grow. So we decided it was time for Learning Connections to change, too.

But this time Manon and I decided we were ready for some revolutionary change!
We decided it was time to embrace the digital revolution!

Books are changing.
The way people buy books is changing.
The way people read books is changing.
And guess what – the way writers write and publish books is changing, too.

We decided Learning Connections needed to change, too.
So now Learning Connections Co Ltd has morphed into a lively and independent digital publishing company!

Watch this space!