Welcome to Learning Connections

Learning Connections Co Ltd is a lively independent e-book publishing company based in Auckland New Zealand. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, we share books, ideas, fun, poems, stories, information, curiosity, wonder, feelings, challenges and goals with kids and teachers and parents all around the world!
Alan and Manon Trussell-Cullen are the directors.
Alan and Manon Trussell-Cullen in Central Park

Yes, this is us. It was taken in the Central Park in New York. (Great location! Slightly bigger garden than ours. Maybe we should buy it?) (That’s a joke, right?)
Manon handles the administration and people side of things.
Alan writes, edits, and publishes the books. Alan has written and had published over 300 books. They’ve been published by a wide range of publishers in a wide range of countries (and in a range of languages, too!) Here’s a sample:

Selection of books by Alan Trussell-Cullen

(More information about Alan’s books can be found on his website here.)

But now Alan and Manon want to publish their own books, and that’s why they started their own independent publishing company: Learning Connections Co Ltd (New Zealand).

We are small because we want to be small. Small means we can be nimble and adventurous. We can experiment. We can try things out. Small means we can be creative and surprising. And we have some wonderful and talented award-winning people to help us make our books the most surprising and innovative books for kids and teachers.

We don’t make “instructional materials” – we create learning adventures in the form of mind-blowing stories, quirky perky poems, and informational e-books bursting with curious and amazing facts about our wonderful planet.

We don’t slavishly conform to whatever is the current ideological approach to education.

And we don’t try to hang our hats on whatever is the current buzz-word in education.

What we hope is that the books we create and the ideas we set adrift will stir emotions, start kids and teachers talking, thinking, writing, sharing (and dancing, singing, acting, performing, caring), and above all, loving! Loving themselves, loving others, and loving life and the planet!

Yes, a bit of a tall order!

Watch this space!

Better still, come along for the ride!



Cat Burglar!CAT BURGLAR!

by Alan Trussell-Cullen

Drama! Excitement! Adventure! And even some of Steve Tomkin’s very bad jokes!

When Steve Tomkins’ country cousin Gail comes to stay during the holidays, the last thing Steve expected to happen was for them to end up clinging to a bunch of ivy four floors up and on the outside of a crumbly city hotel! Nor did they expect a police helicopter, or to find themselves as stars on the night’s TV news show! Too much excitement and drama for Steve and Gail? No way! These “adventure kids” just lap it up!

Order your copy of this e-book now from Amazon, or from Apple iBook, or from Kobo!

Cat Burglar! is a  junior novel for ages 9-12. It is the first in a series of adventure novels in the Adventure Kids series. Find out more here...